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General Cycling Travel Advice Share your best gorp recipes, recommend cooking gear, espouse your favorite or condemn flawed tour guides, offer navigation tips, talk up your belt drive. Thoughts, counsel, speculation welcome here. Europe Had a great time on a train/bike tour of the Eastern states? Rode an Alp? Tell your tales, share your cautions, tout the Eurailpass here. North America Travelling the Canadian northwest, experiences on the US national highways, riding the Blue Ridge mountains, enquire or advise here. UK Follow your quest for the perfect Welsh accommodations. Find out where to rent an off-road bike to try the trails in Galloway. Share your perilous circumnavigation of Milton Keynes. Talk them all over here. Australia Share your pictures from Tasmania. Speak fondly of your overnight at a caravan park in Denham. Post your daily mileage along your year-long trip around of an entire continent. All your stories and questions welcome here. Asia Ask about the best place to picnic around Angkor Wat, or how to say 'cilantro' in Russian. Share the love for the treads you rode across Turkmenistan. Post them all here. Africa Lodging in Ethiopia, dilemma'ed about riding the Wild Coast, staying hydrated in Morocco, ask your questions and answer from your hard-earned experience here. South America Border crossings, spectacular meals, Patagonia, off-bike at Carnaval. Share your favorite bits of the sub-continent here.
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