Best foot position on flat pedals?

I just got some flat pedals for my trail bike, at the advice of one of my fellow riders. Decidedly easier to dab. My question is, when I ride flat pedals, should I ride on the balls of my feet or in the center? Clips always push them back, but it seems more comfortable in the middle. Is this one of those it seems unnatural but it’s better things?

Hey Issac,

Your intuition is spot on - with flat pedals the most comfortable position is found when you slide your feet forwards just a little bit from where they would usually be with clipless. For me I find this is especially helpful on bumpy terrain or on landings because it reduced the leverage/impact on your ankles and is just generally more comfortable all around. Hope that helps!


Wow, some pro advice! Thanks Ryan, makes sense. I’ll stick with the more comfortable foot-forward.

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