Choosing the right tire pressure

Hello !
I want to ask if anyone knows the preferable pressure on Conti 23mm tires for a heavier rider ( 98kg ) .

Hey Tommy.

Oh man, so many variables here it’s hard to choose a place to start.

Okay, I’ve chosen one. Start by reading this:

Advice for you:

  1. Don’t exceed listed tire pressure for your tires or the rim. Yes, rims have max. tire pressure.
  2. Consider how your weight contributes to tire pressure. It adds to it. So allow yourself a 5-10% buffer.
  3. Try running 5psi lower pressure each ride until you find a balance of comfort to risk (of pinch flats or feel). You should find lower pressure more comfortable.
  4. Consider riding wider tires. They allow you to run a lower pressure and feel nice.

Hi Anthony !

Thank you for the response . I will try this . As wider tires I now use a pair of Camp Zonda wheels and from the bike store told me they are a bit narrow for 25c tires .

Thanks again !