Commuting apparel


For longer commutes, riding in office pants will wear them out very fast at the seat. Forget nice wool slacks, even designer jeans will wear out. Levis or bike specific shorts or pants will work very well. Bring a change of cloths or stash some at work.


Yep, that’s for sure! I’ve heard good things about some of the commuter clothing from Swrve, and also Ligne 8 (but much higher price).

Like you say though, if you’re able to either carry or stash a change of clothes, that’s the best bet, particularly if you’re commuting in warm weather and working up a sweat!


Hey @FastWayne, thanks for making those points.

I learned the hard way - commuted to one job in slacks because it wasn’t too far, but it didn’t take too many trips to realize they were wearing at the saddle contact points. I opted to wear sturdier slacks for commuting and purpose-built jeans (like Levi’s commuters) when we were allowed to wear jeans (relaxed Fridays).

But yes, agree a change of clothes is best. When I commuted further, it was to a job with a shower, so I could wear cycling clothes to and from and shower up and dress for business when I got there.