Lighting systems

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I’m changing shifts and am going to have a night commute, about 20km. The roads are pretty good, but far from bright. Any recommendations for a lighting system? I used to have a Night Sun back in the day, want something I can actually see by.

Hey Mark,
The key to riding with lights is: The faster you go the more light you need. I would recommend something that is:

  1. USB rechargeable. Front between 500 & 1000 Lumens (depending if you have sections with no street lights)
  2. Easily mounts to the bike. I find I get neck pain with a helmet mount unless it’s a secondary light. i.e. If your only front light is on your helmet you need to keep you head at a certain point to cast the light correctly.
  3. Has front - high /low & flashing modes, & rear - flash and steady

I have bought cheap from china but find the batteries have very poor performance. Currently using a Bontrager ION 700 for the front and Fly 6 (with HD camera) for the rear.

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Hi Dax Neech,
Thank you, good advice. I don’t like the helmet mounted lights either. The Bontrager looks fine, but the Fly6 is really expensive! I found a usb-rechargeable Cateye instead.

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Hey Mark,

Glad I could help out. I use the Fly6 as it has the Camera built in which is awesome. I was once run over from behind, luckily the driver stopped. I pretty much use it as an insurance policy :slight_smile: . The Cateye product is solid have used them for many years good reputable brand.

Be sure to review what ever you buy on BikeRoar later on :wink:

thanks for the awesome information.

I have never ridden in the dark, thanks for the lightings recommendation. It is equally important to think about how to protect yourself when driving in the dark. I would choose knee pads, they will help protect your legs and keep going even if something goes wrong