Need help with choosing tires

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I need help with choosing Maxxis High Roller range or the Minions which one would be best for Downhill?

Hi Adam,

Both are fantastic DH tire choices, I’ve personally ridden both extensively. I’ll break it down like this:

Minion: If you live somewhere wet, muddy and loose I would run Minion DHF on front AND rear. I’ve done this many times, the DHF runs great as a rear and helps significantly with loose, muddy and wet conditions. Minion DHR2 is a great tire with more grip, better breaking then the Highroller but will run slower, use only as a rear.

 In short - Minion will provide increased grip and breaking power

Highroller: These tires run faster along the centre line, they perform better in dry, dusty and fast conditions. The side knobs are aggressive enough to handle hard cornering and wet conditions. I would run Highroller 2s front and rear (I’ve been doing just this for the past 2 years).

 In short - Highroller 2 is a faster rolling tire that rides with a floaty and loose feeling

Both tires come in 60a compound and Super Tacky (S/T), but I would only recommend running the 60a compound. S/T is meant to provide better traction but they wear incredibly fast, about twice as fast as 60a. I always found that if I needed more grip I would run Minion DHF front and rear in 60a compound, this will give you more grip then any S/T tire.

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I’m using the Maxxis Aggressors on the back, and really love them. I’ll probably put the DHF on the front once my Nobby Nics wear out.