NS Jump bike stolen in violent mugging East London

Hi my boyfriend’s NS HOLY single speed jump bike was stolen in violent mugging last night on the canal towpath in Mile End, East London. It’s black with orange lettering.

We’d love to find his bike again, but even more important is that finding it could lead to catching the thugs who think it’s ok to drag someone off their bike, kick and punch them and break their teeth 4 guys vs one all to steal a bike.

Frame number is NS11WJ1125 Please do keep an eye out for us. London has a sophisticated bike theft culture and it could end up anywhere in the country.

Sorry to hear that @mjt212. I hope the bike and those responsible are found, and more importantly, that your boyfriend is recovering ok…?

It’s great that you’ve posted the bike details here to help track the culprits down. I assume you’ve already reported it to the police, but if not, head here to report it.