Pro events in North America

Is there any pro road racing in North America? Or anywhere outside western Europe, for that matter. The UCI calendar has only two events, one if you don’t count the off-season Tour Down Under, outside just four contiguous countries. Are there no race-worthy courses in the U.S.? No daunting mountain passes in all of Asia?
Fred Landers

Hi @Dr_Fred. You’re right, the UCI WorldTour calendar ( is mostly a European affair. There are two Canadian races in September. The classics are there and so is the bulk of the interest.

There are several big U.S. races including the Amgen Tour of California ( this month, May 15-22, that will have many top UCI WorldTour teams, but no official UCI WorldTour designation - for the men, that is, as the AToC’s women’s race is a Women’s WorldTour 2.WWT Class!

You should also see the US Pro Road Tour scheduled ( Typically not UCI WorldTour teams, but UCI ranked pro racing in events like Redlands Bicycle Classic, Joe Martin Stage Race Tour of the Gila, Winston-Salem Classic Road Race, Philadelphia International Cycling Classic, and Cascade Cycling Classic.

Thank you Anthony. Perhaps I was a little too constrained in perusing the calendar. The Women’s World Tour class has races in Asia, the US, and Great Britain. Excellent news. I’m not entirely sure I can face a voyage to New Mexico, but there are a number of interesting races farther to the north.

I am quite cheered. Utah, Alberta, Oregon, perhaps even California. The summer looks bright!

You’re welcome @Dr_Fred. Consider, too, not just watching, but tackling one yourself:

Intriguing. There is a single week event in Colorado in 2017 - I am not as young as Mr. Rollins, but it would be quite something. Thank you Anthony, food for thought.