What type of bike is best for kids age 11?

Hello everyone my name is Gustavo Woltmann and I am an assistant in a small publishers company. Just want to ask what type of bike is best for kids ages 11 to 12? Height is 5’3’’ and a bit overweight.

Hi Gustavo, a question: is the kid just getting back on the bike? If that’s the case, I’d suggest simple and fun to ride, like the Electra Cruiser 1, or SE’s So Cal Flyer.

If they’re interested in a more particular type of riding, there are bikes for riders their size for practically everything: fat bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, and of course the classic BMX. Happy to offer suggestions for any of those, just ask!

Hi Gustavo.

I’d love to help answer your question. I can help if you share more about what your child is wanting to do with the bike. Is he/she looking to ride to school? Ride around the neighborhood? Go fast like the Tour de France? Do sweet jumps? Go off road? You may be thinking, “all of those”, which is common of a kid that age, but what’s is likely to be the primary style of riding?

Until then, some general help:

  1. Most kids that age are just looking to move about, have fun, maybe jump around and get a little gnarly. If so, a BMX or MTB would be a good choice. Here’s an article we shared that helps narrow between those choices: http://www.bikeroar.com/tips/bmx-or-geared-mtb-pros-and-cons.

  2. A BMX or MTB are perfectly fine to get to and from school, but as the distance gets greater, a more comfortable choice could be a hybrid bike, a comfort bike, or a road/gravel bike. Examples: Hybrid: http://www.bikeroar.com/products/trek/ds-2-2017. Gravel: http://www.bikeroar.com/products/giant/anyroad-2-2017/charcoal-large.

  3. Is your child inspired by the Tour de France? Road bikes are sleek and fast, but not recommended for jumping. Example: http://www.bikeroar.com/products/khs/flite-223-2016

  4. Fixie / fixed gear: Some kids want a “fixie” - they’re popular these days. They are simple, cheaper bikes because they don’t have gears to shift. Many people ride fixies without brakes, like bike messengers, but we advise against any novice rider doing so. Example: http://www.bikeroar.com/products/raleigh/back-alley-2017/green-large.

Tell us more and we’ll help you more.


Norco, Kona, and Diamondback seem to have the best kids options all around depending on the type of riding you’re looking for. I’m a big fan of Norco and would recommend them any day.