Bike for a big rider


Does anyone make a production bike for tall riders? I’m 6’ 8", and my local shop has nothing even close to fitting. A sturdy stock bike, that is, I am not skinny either.


What kind of bike are you looking for? Usually there are a couple XXL frames found somewhere in a companies line up.

are there any other specifics? Frame material? disc? etc…

With this information I should be able to give you at least a couple suggestions




A road bike, for daily rides, not racing. My friend says “tough enough for intervals,” which hopefully you know what those are. What it’s made of doesn’t matter, I guess aluminum is good. Disc brakes, would those be more or less strain on the wheel? I read a little bit, 105 sounds like it’s reliable, don’t need to go above that.


Here is a list of bikes that come 64-68 (XL-3XL) that would be good for average road rides:

Canyon Endurance series (or most Canyons for that matter)

Rose Xeon Team

Trek Emonda Seriesémonda/c/B211

KHS Flite 747

Most of the selections have multiple trim levels to choose from including carbon frame options. If you are Ok with riding steel there are dozens of smaller manufacturers making XXXL bikes, Surly Long Haul Trucker comes to mind.

Hope this helps!



That was fun. Trek is almost all ‘out of stock,’ which is OK with me, it looks pretty fragile. The KHS (747, ha ha) looks good though, there are two stores around here that have KHS.

I ran across a freaking excellent store, called Zinn, which sells bikes for big and tall people. In Colorado. Still excellent, they have a track bike for tall people.

I will check out Surly and steel bikes, I don’t mind steel.


Yes Zinn is a great place to start for a XXXL bike. You can also try Gunnar Cycles ( for some nice steel frames.



You said road, but if you decide to get a mountain bike, too, check out these:
Specialized Rockhopper Expert:



Gunnar is cool, but I think I want to get a whole bike. Maybe later. Is that right, they’re made by Waterford?

Thank you Anthony, not interested in a mountain bike right now.


Yes, Gunnar is made by Waterford Cycles. Apparently the sub-brand is named after their shop dog.