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Cyclocross / Gravel Grinders Discussions about gear for getting down and dirty to ride the road less traveled. Time Trial For the aero crowd that need to shave off every excess second. Fixed Gear For the single-speed and fixie purists. Casual / Cruisers For those that take a more relaxed approach to cycling. Discuss the latest in casual / cruiser bikes and related gear here. BMX Coz BMX sounds way cooler than 'bicycle motocross'... If you're into BMX, then this is the place for you. Track What's better than talking 'bout bikes at the velodrome? Chatting about them here of course! Other Bikes Got a more unique taste? This is where you can discuss any bike that doesn't quite fit our other categories. Triathlon Run, swim AND ride? Better make sure you've got the right gear...discuss it here. Other Cycling Equipment Head here to chat about any other gear that piques your interest. Maintenance & Mechanical A bike's no good if it doesn't work! Discuss the ins & outs of all things maintenance & mechanics to make sure your steed stays as good as new. Computers, Lights & Electronics Who doesn't love cycling gadgets? Get your fill of lighting, cameras, computers & other electronics here. Women Specific Can't find the right fit, sizing, colors or setup amongst a sea of men's products. Thankfully women-specific options are increasing year-on-year... Discuss them here. Want To Buy After a specific bike or accessory that you can't seem to find? Need something unique, discontinued or left of field? Post your requests here! Apparel & Accessories It's not all about the bikes... Chat all things clothing and accessories here. Mountain Here's where we discuss mountain bikes and related MTB gear. Electric Bikes The place to chat about all the bikes & gear that spark your interest. General Buying Advice Discussions and general advice about buying new bikes or gear. Road Head here to discuss road bikes and related gear.
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