Go to a larger or smaller bike when you're in the middle?


I’m 6’2" and tend to fit into the top of the range for a Large frame and the bottom of the range for an XL frame. I think my body is average - not too leggy or too torso-y. Is there any logic to sizing up or down based on the bike application? My next bike is a gravel bike so I’m thinking to size up for comfort. Any thoughts?


Hi Philip. I’m shorter (5’6"), but also seem to be smack between two bike sizes. Yes, there’s a lot of logic to sizing up or down based on application. For example, I make my choice of the bigger or smaller size based on bike geometry and how aggressive I want my ride. Aggressive geometry plus the smaller size is really aggressive. If I want to relax that, I go bigger. Or if the bike is somewhat relaxed geometry and I want to spice it up, I go smaller. In either case, tweaking bike fit (including saddle height and position and stem length) make it work.