Panniers for Ute

I just bought a used Kona Ute that didn’t have the original panniers. I naively thought I could find replacements on line; nope. Anyone have any suggestions of where to get original panniers or a suitable sub (the tubes on the rear rack are HUGE)?

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Any Kona dealer should be able to contact the company and get more sent out. If you do not have a Kona dealer in your area then try sending an email to their general information guy at:

If you get no response try their warranty department in your general area.


They may have some late model UTE bags they can sell you. Kona is a relatively small company run by good people, it shouldn’t be too hard to get a hold of new bags directly from them.


Thanks; I found one in Scottsdale (shout out to Rage Cycles) who sold me two direct from Kona (and $15 cheaper than their cross town rival).